Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Not So Country Girl

I didn't plan it this way. This is all my husband's doing. He was determined to have an acreage out in the country, and he found it. I have always preferred the beach or the the city, but I went along. We've had those, including fifteen years in Maui.   I figured it was his turn.

Welcome to Dragonfly Ranch 

The Gloomy "Before"

We bought this place exactly two years ago today on a short sell. It was a combination of old and new. It was tired, dusty, broken and unfinished, and eleven acres all total. It was a merging of a c.1890,  hundred-and-twenty-something year old farm house,  with a new unfinished attached addition.  It was full of potential, but easily a money pit.

Husband couldn't have been more pleased, and quickly went to work. 

Me, on the other took all his powers of persuasion to get me here, and I came, firmly wagging my finger and  shaking my head "NO". In the two years since, he's been on a mission to make it habitable and comfortable for me. We are not unlike these two, from the 60's sitcom, Green Acres. He wants the country life, she prefers Manhattan.

I resisted at first, but it's growing on me. Nature and beauty are drawing me in. I am discovering new things here. On this blog, I am pondering the transformation of the place... and me, right along with it. I am figuring out how to keep it rustic enough for him, civilized enough for me, nurturing for all who enter--a place of grace.

Gracious living, gracious loving, gracious giving--that's my goal.

This is my journey into a new way of life.

Dragonfly Ranch, from the long shot.
 By the way, in Summer, our dragonflies take over the place. Hence the name.


  1. Oh, I know I'm going to love this new blog of yours - because I already do! You have so many gifts, Karen, and one of them is clearly gracious, hospitable giving.

  2. Yes, you do and it is.

    I am astonished in what you have accomplished in two years. We got two rooms painted and are very impressed with ourselves.

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!! Wow, Karen you guys did an amazing job!