Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Mantel

We have a stone fireplace with a pine mantel. The mantel is crooked. We got it this way and don't know how to change it, so we adjust things accordingly.

The way it often looks with the husband on the right, and the dog on the left. That love seat is the only piece of furniture the dog is allowed to sit on, and he takes full advantage. 

From a distance, you can see the color scheme of the room. Mostly brown, with red, blue and gold accents. Our golden pine floors, 120 years old, are beautiful, and make a big design statement. They will not be ignored, and blue and gold become important color counterpoints in the room. 

I have a bit of this and that...all fall colors, pictures leaning, candlestands, pumpkins, a fall wreath, and a globe...just sort of shoved up there.  

the living room toward the dining table and the forest view...

from behind the couch...

...and from the dining area.

Fall is my favorite time of year, inside and out.


  1. All so beautiful, Karen. Just like you. Miss you and Joe. So happy you are with everyone there, though. May Our Great Lord continue to Pour Beauty, Grace and Blessings over you and your loved ones. Much love, bonita