Friday, November 23, 2012

Barn Thanksgiving in Three Acts

Act 1: Sweet Rachel baking sweet snickerdoodles in our cozy country kitchen. The turkey is already roasting in the oven. 

Sticky food fingers mean no wiping disorderly bangs out of eyes.

What's she looking at?
I see. The handmade Thanksgiving sign.

 Rachel's friend,  Jon, a professional artist, kindly put it together for us.

Act 2: Move to the barn kitchen; Jon is preparing some delicious concoction out of apple brandy.

The dessert table is set with all of Rachel's goodies before all the pies arrive.  

The stage is set for relaxing;  outdoor furniture makes for cozy seating in the barn. The fall quilt is a gift from a friend.
This picture also provides a great view of the plywood and board wall that we installed to make the barn clean and warm. It is insulated underneath. 

The serving counter is waiting for its bounty of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc, etc, etc. We had three kinds--oven-roasted stuffed turkey, grilled injected turkey, and deep fried turkey. Yum.

There is a wreath over the serving counter, and beyond that a peek into the kitchen. We used portable work benches with wooden counters in our barn kitchen--and in between them a sink and stove. Lots of storage, very durable, easy to keep clean, no hiding places for critters.

Big long tables set for 18 of our dear family and friends.

Close-up on the table with decor from nature's bounty and little hay bales from Michael's.

Act 3: A group of very thankful people, my beautiful and beloved.

Thanksgiving is the purest holiday of them all.
Just gratitude, love, and good food. 


  1. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Simply perfect - and thank you for inviting us to join you here! I'm so happy to have been able to stop by and see it all. Bless you and these precious people!
    P.S. - I am taking a couple of days off from email but will get back to you soon. xoxo

  3. Your barn looks amazing all set up with friends and family. It is a wonderful addition to your indoor space. I think you should have a barn dance? Wow, one holiday down and the next is just a hop skip away. Can't wait to see you Christmas decor. xoxo Sharon