Monday, December 3, 2012

Boardwalk to the Lake...Finished

The edge of our forest gives way to a marsh that edges against a lake. Walking to the lake required walking through the marsh. We were happy to do this till the day we came upon the water mocassin nest. Then we decided we needed our own path, and we would leave them to theirs. And so our massive building project began. 
It's a wide marsh, so we built a long boardwalk that is 24" off the ground. It is just set on top of the concrete or anything that would mess with the natural environment. 

At the terminal end, there is another large deck. Eventually this will have a lift top box in which to store fishing poles and chair cushions. The canoe wedges in nicely. 
Here's what it looks like in Winter, minimally furnished. 
It's got a gorgeous view, morning and evening, and all kinds of visiting birds. Not to mention these cute chicks.

It's a great place for a snuggle.


  1. Karen, this is gorgeous. I love that you figured out (an elaborate) way to accommodate both you all and the snakes. How much land do you own?

  2. I see your Joe as a generous, thoughtful, loving provider of everything that makes life comfortable, as well as welcoming. Between the two of you, your hospitality and vision are making the ranch into a dream-home for your extended family and friends. What a gift!

  3. Oh Karen, I just can't express how comfortable and inviting this looks. Spring will arrive with you finishing it off perfectly. I think it is sooooo wonderful you are able to be there to share with your grandchildren. I absolutely love it.