Saturday, December 8, 2012

Colorful Christmas

The front doors got their new fresh wreaths, and they smell so good.

Inside the entry, the doorways are draped in evergreen garlands. 

The foyer table has our very old Father Christmas on it.  I tend to prefer this vintage fellow to the Santa in the red suit. 

The kitchen window with greenery and stars and a Merry Christmas sign buried under it.  My dried roses from summer are tucked here and there. 

The kitchen goose is pulling a sled with a cardinal. We love cardinals. 

Greenery is framing all the doorways. This picture is showing the afternoon sun, but  it gives a nice view of my wooden ceiling in the kitchen. 

My mantel keeps evolving. I just keep throwing things up there as I find them. 

I found this little chair on the hearth at a thrift shop for $6 in the Spring. 

I found the stockings in Maui, when we first became empty nesters.  They suit us to a tee, or so my children say.

In winter, I change the blue sofa pillows to red ones. They look more Christmas-y and these lodge-style pillows add to the general coziness. 

A close-up on my little chair to highlight the chipped and fading paint. I tend to like imperfect chippy things.  

The plaid candles are new, from Target. I love 'em.  Just love plaid.

This heart is new, too. It has a story. It is a piece of roofing from a house destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Some of the proceeds from the purchase of this collection go to a fund for hurricane victims.

This is mine. Notice the fish tassel on her hat. 

This is husband's. Notice the doggy bone tassel on his hat.  

Some of the ornaments from our tree. A hodge-podge collection from 39 Christmases.

Our tree is 9' tall and slender. That was a mistake originally, but now I like it. It's well-behaved and stays in a corner and doesn't require me to move furniture to find it a spot. 

It represents decades of memories and decorating it is always a quick pathway to memory lane.

 The table gets more natural yule time trappings--twigs and cones and leaves and sprigs of holly berries.

The children put together this village each year,  just so they can pretend they are little and live in it in their imaginations. 

Looking down the village street.

Above, the view toward the fireplace; below, the view toward the foyer and kitchen. 

Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa-la-la.
 Welcome to our farmhouse Christmas. Wishing you a comfy cozy, stress-free and joy-filled holiday.


  1. You have SUCH a talent for decorating and hospitality. It is really quite impressive. I love the details and stories behind your treasures. That little chair is a FIND. The red heart with the key is a fabulous idea - are they still available?
    Love your home - love you!

  2. Love each and every inch of your decorating. Is a lot of work. You have the perfect open house to do this in. I could cozy up on the furniture, put on some Christmas music and just soak up the love that spills from it all. Add the sunshine and you may never get me to move.

  3. Just so beautiful!!! Looks so cozy, warm, and inviting! Wish I could drop by for a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

  4. You have a real gift Karen! I'm pretty sure it comes from your heart.