Monday, January 7, 2013

My Hang Ups

This is how our foyer looked when we moved in. A whole lotta nothin' going on. Well, a bunch of trash on the floor was goin' on.

This is the same area now. On either side of the french doors are pictures of our native blue and white herons. Behind the closed french doors is the kitchen.


This is the view from the living room,  with the front doors to the right. The long hallway beyond is lined with a hook strip made of the same knotty pine that is on the floors. 

 The hooks extend all the way to the end of the hall. There are 24 of them all together. They are super-convenient and handy for everything that comes through the doors--keys, hats, scarves, jackets, bagpacks, etc... 

 A close-up of the hooks and the pine strip.  We got the hooks at Home Depot. They are usually loaded with stuff, but are trying to make a better impression today. 

This corner does a lot of extra work. There's a shoe basket under the natural pine bench, a glove basket on top of the bench, and tools, keys, and a sunglass box on the hooks. Stuff.  

A close-up of the native blue heron print. We love when these birds visit our pond for breakfast. 

This picture was taken after Christmas. The blue heron was almost three feet tall and loitered for about 20 minutes. Then he dove into the pond, ate something slithery, and flew away. 

The handles on the french doors are made of a section of branch, sanded and polished to the touch.  

The accessories on the chippy blue table change with the seasons. 

One more view looking toward the front doors. Au revoir. 

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  1. You really have a gift for home-making, Karen. Every time you post photos of the farmhouse, I want to visit you. xoxox