Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer at the Farm

Man's best friend braving the 96 degree weather and taking in the view.

The Coke machine is hosting cantaloupes and pumpkins. The Black-eyed Susans are getting tall.

The screen porch is a cool spot for napping. 

The grass is a luscious, splendiferous green.

The pond is calm but teeming with life just under the surface. 

Another favorite summertime shady spot at the back of the barn. 

The cutting garden is full of herbs and flowers.

A beautiful long-stemmed Mr. Lincoln rose.

My one and only Stargazer lily, planted as a bulb two years ago, and all but forgotten till this happened. 

Colorful Blanket flowers that look especially cheery in mixed flower arrangements. 

And chocolate mint...it is delectable. Just crush and drop into ice water for the most refreshing summer drink. 

The fragrance of the Double Delight roses is sweet and heady. 

The basil is falling over from heaviness. Pesto tomorrow. 

And heirloom tomatoes are beginning to develop. 

The strawberries bear sweet fruit every couple of days. 

This is my favorite summer morning sitting spot. I can watch the birds fly from the willow tree to the porch. 

We have hundreds of birds here everyday, and the occasional squirrel who seem to have outsmarted my plastic dome baffles. Squirrels are little geniuses.

This deck is perfect in the evening for dinner and watching sunset. 

In the daytime, this is my shady, comfy spot. Well-used, as you can see. 

And this is the breeziest place on the farm, and good for rocking while discussing politics. 

My climbing roses are making their way up again, as they did last summer. I wonder how high they will climb this year?  In the shady trees beyond, there lives a family of deer with two fawns.

My summer self is a bit like this gal here. 


  1. So INCREDIBLY beautiful and peaceful, Karen.

  2. What a beautiful place to live and breathe and just be!

  3. Such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

  4. As I said on your other blog, you have a gift for hospitality, and that includes a creative eye for beauty and nurturing everything that crosses your path. I am so thankful to know you, even from this distance. Your generous, open heart nourishes mine.