Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tea Parties!

I am loving my tea house, and have all kinds of good excuses to invite people over for small food and warm cups of tea leaf goodness. 

I make scones and cream, three kinds of sandwiches, two or three desserts, and three different kinds of tea.

Here is the luscious whipped cream for the scones...

And under this vintage-style embroidered tea towel (a sweet gift from a dear friend),  are warm scones. 

Almond scones peeking out.  

These are pumpkin bars, chocolate clusters and blueberry muffins, waiting their turn to be served. 

The table is just the right size for a good talk. It was set for one of my friends the other day. 

Today these small sandwiches looked really festive on this transferware plate.

Part of the fun is arranging the plates to appeal to the eye, as well as the appetite. 

Today we had three people at the table for brunch. 

I made individual mini-quiches, the sandwiches, fruit bowls, small cucumber stuffed salads, and pecan bars for dessert. 

It was a cold windy day, so it was doubly cozy in my tea house. My beautiful daughter was my guest...

...along with her wonderful mother-in-law who was visiting. I am only sorry I didn't get a better picture. 

Baby girl also slipped in at the end.

She was eyeing the leftovers. 

She's still a nursing baby, but a girl can dream, right? She was fancy and fashionable, dressed for the occasion with a flower on her head. She was quite interested in the whole thing. She has no idea of the fun I am already plotting for her one day.


  1. Karen, you are positively gifted in hospitality! You create like an artist. It is a joy and inspiration to behold. Your tea house looks like a sanctuary for you and those who join you. Keeping those courtesies and traditions alive, one by one, is one part of the gift of civilizing our world. One day, I'd love to cross that threshold and sit with you, drinking tea, listening and sharing stories.

  2. Beautiful!!! Lovely host, and guests! Jaime looks great and the baby is so adorable!

  3. Karen I love your blog. What an amazing woman you are, so talented in so many ways. I was wondering who baby girl is. I thought all your grand children were older and in school. Just wondering. Everything looks so warm and cozy and has inspired me for this summer. Lets hope the inspiration will last till then.