Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas in the House

The first thing up is those wreaths. That's because I get to them first sitting on top of the pile when I am unearthing the Christmas boxes.  

My husband found the lavish poinsettias at Costco and though I planned to put them on the porch, it was too cold. They really look beautiful in the kitchen.

The view from the kitchen into the living room. I love the evergreen garland. It smells so good and makes up for the plastic tree out of camera shot. 

Here is the living room from the entry way. There is another 30 foot garland hanging over the windows on the right. 

The entry table holds Christmas cards and my little musical Father Christmas that is 40 years old. 

A wider view of the entry way. 

The hearth in its finery. I love the burlap "Merry Christmas" swag. It was made by a friend. 

The Christmas stockings have served my husband and I well. Can you guess which of us is the dog and which is the cat?

My favorite red transferware tea set, just poised for an invitation to serve. 

The dining table with small trees and tall angels.

Getting ready to set the table. 

More window garland. 

And how it looks from a distance. 

The mantel from the straight on view. 

And the side view with the sectional and pillows and blue velvet ottoman
. Can you tell I like looking at it?

Nothing quite like the coziness of Christmas. Hope you enjoy yours!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fall in the Barn and Other Things

 We had a wonderful Fall in the barn. The weather was warm, so we spent more time than usual out there. I hosted an outdoor bonfire for the women from our church and we served about a hundred of us in the barn. I also had a family birthday party and Thanksgiving Dinner in the barn. These pictures are the aftermath of all of those events. 

This picture shows one of the two new matching side chairs donated by a moving neighbor. I love my barn furnishings, a hodge podge from here and there.

The other end of the barn has this warm cozy spot, more cast offs from a previous home. The furniture has lost its orginal luster, so it's noo longer suitable for a living room--but it's perfect in the barn. We use lots of throws and blankets in the barn because there is no heat source but the wood stove.

 This table was set with desserts for the bonfire, and the party and for Thanksgiving dinner. It's shows the evidence of having been a busy serving table.

This gives the long view of the barn, with our game table to the right and the eating table and serving counter to the left. It's such a great versatile space. This picture also gives a shot of my mix and match chairs. 

Here we are looking the other way. 

 The trunk end table is very old, found at an antique store. It has wheels which makes it easy to move around as needed. 

I love the bunting hanging over the doorways. It makes everything look like a party. My husband's baby, the motorcycle, is reflected in the mirror. He never leaves baby outside. 

Another view of the serving table with a collection of leaves, gourds, pumpkins and lanterns.

 I love those mini pumpkins, but adore the showy gray-green french pumpkin with all its bumps and curves. 

It's all cleaned up now, ready for games on Christmas day, and then it will be decorated once again in the Spring with pastels and bunnies and flowers. 
It's nice having a barn to decorate. 
One that is not full of farm animals or equipment. 
One exclusively for people (and their pets).

Welcome to our Barn.

It's Fall, Y'all!

This counter tends to looks its best when it's laden with food.

This is the view of the great outdoors. The lush green grass of summer is fading to a warm gold. 

I love the way the farm is encircled by perimeter trees. No leaves to rake, but lots of view year round.

A few of my favorites on Thanksgiving Day. 

Later in the kitchen, a cookie stand-off. I give the dog credit for only staring. He is obviously intent on tele-porting that cooking into his own mouth. 

The rays of light are so beautiful. Captured in the morning when the sun is just emerging and shining through the trees while also striking the fog from the pond. A nice harmonic convergence.
Fall is beautiful. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sweet Summer

Our sign says it all. 
So many hundreds of colorful dragonflies this summer... more than ever before. 
I cannot capture on film the masses of dragonflies frolicking through our yard and down our roads. 
You will have to take my word for it.



Green with a striped black tail. 

My favorite chair for watching them flitter by.

The enormous willow tree at the back of the photo is prettier than ever, and the when the wind blows, she dances a hula. 

This large mama garden spider (at the left of the kayak) built a 15 foot wide web over our pond, from tree limb to tall edge grasses. She caught dragonflies, butterflies, and horseflies, and spun them into tasty bundles covered with silk. She created the zigzag in the center of the web for stability and hung there waiting for prey. When she had had enough of this locale, she ate her web and moved on.  The male spiders don't go to all this trouble, they just visit for meals. 

A new barn hiding in the woods. Husband calls it the "Bat Cave". 

A new vintage farm artifact--a mower. For effect only. 

My perennial flower garden is in almost full bloom, despite some deer and bunny damage. 
My vegetable garden has tomatoes, kale, brussels sprouts, onions, and basil. 

A close-up of my tangled flower party. 

The only roses I could harvest. The deer ate the rest of them. :(
You can fight, but you cannot win. 

Flourishing tomato plant with the most delicious fruit (which I have already picked and eaten.)

A visit from the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man.

A beautiful moody night sky. 
How I love summer.

P.S. Follow this link Barn Wedding to see another wedding at our farm in May 2015.