Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Farm Weddings

Last year at this time, we hosted an outdoor wedding. It was all black and white and green, and looked beautiful against the post-winter landscape. Hard to believe the bride was sleeveless then, when there is a blizzard today slightly north of us, and the forecast for tonight is snow.  

My talented friend Crystal (who is NOT the pastor in the picture) set up the charming vintage altar and designed the vintage reception.

The reception was in the barn and this was the clever "cupcake" cake, which another friend made. 

The gift and card table. So creative.

 Crystal's creative signpost helped to direct traffic. It was a lovely wedding. Happy First Anniversary to Michael and Leslie!


Two weeks ago we hosted another wedding for a very dear young couple. The groom works at our farm and helps to create and maintain our environment. This wedding happened in the midst of a snowstorm. Crystal put her magic wand to work again, creating a Winter Wonderland inside the warmth of our barn. (scroll to the last picture in this post if you are dying to see who this talented lady is! )

Our little wedding chapel.

The hot and cold beverage table. 

Cute labels.

The gift and card table with white lights sparkling underneath.

Winter Wonderland table decor.

Epsom salts make very nice non-melting snow. 

The talented cake maker and her masterpiece in the barn kitchen. 

Our beautiful bride, Katie, upstairs putting on the finishing touches with Grandma's help. That glorious crown of red hair is all natural. 

Grandma, Sister, Bride, and Mother of the Bride. All sparkling beauties!

Ready for her big entrance!

 Down the aisle with daddy.

Her handsome groom waiting for her at the other end.

Serious vows to love, honor and cherish till parted by death. 

A sparkly snowy soft backdrop for our sweet couple.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. 

We even managed to fit in a little dance floor.

They escaped in the "bad boy", decorated just for the occasion with snowflakes falling all around them. 

Off to the honeymoon and a new life together. May God bless them with a rich and loving and enduring marriage.

Wedding over. Guests on their way home. This is Crystal--the Event Maker, cleaning up all her hard work. 
She is the queen of magical, beautiful, charming homemade events. She makes everything she touches look good, and she does it with joy.  Thanks, Crystal. You've done it again!


  1. What fun on your farm - it's and gorgeous, too. It looks like a perfect venue for a wedding, and you clearly have the right people working with you!

  2. Oh Karen! This was beautiful! I realized tonight that I never added you to my feed! Forgive me! Much to catch up on around here!

  3. such a beautiful place for a wedding! and such wonderful hosts and phenomenal wedding decorator! love you guys!