Friday, March 22, 2013

Testing my Patience

One of the better ways to enjoy the outdoors in Winter-- a giant bonfire!

We did this after dinner the other night,  after my son-in-law had an industrious day trimming tree branches in his yard. He piled them high on his truck, drove over and dumped them in our firepit.

It was really quite beautiful, and so hot we couldn't get any closer to it than 10 feet.

 Inside, we've already reached the end of Winter. This ruby red amaryllis bloomed and began to fade. 

Like ballerinas ending a performance, its velvet-y heads drooped. I consider this a definite cue for Spring to step on the stage. 

I am now ready for these instead. New colors and new life. 

These gorgeous heads nod in the sunshine, 

 and are calling to me, with their delicate whites and yellows. 

But this is all I've gotten so far. One pot. 

All the rest are full of leaves...

Shoots and leaves...except that one that slyly poked out its head today...

but other than that: shoots, shoots, leaves, shoots.

More shoots and leaves. All my planters are on the verge, but Spring is holding back.  

It is truly testing my patience. 

My greenhouse is full of babies...

They are waiting for their cue to grow.  

They are doing their best to push themselves up without the help of the sun. 

Winter is wearisome, and it provokes me so; 
it needs to go its way, so something green can grow. 

The grass has little pockets of green, but it too is having trouble making a statement. 

I suppose these pots are a good sign, a promise of better things to come. Just hurry.


  1. Your ranch is so pretty and serene. Spring takes a long time to arrive here, too...though we are part of the Evergreen State, and have lots of greenery, the flowers are slow here, too, due to lack of sunshine.
    Your "shoots and leaves" reminded me of that joke about grammar & punctuation in newspaper headlines ("Eats Shoots & Leaves" - a story about pandas or a restaurant robber?) I hope that made you smile!

    1. Yes, Karen, you made me laugh. Perfect punch line!

  2. I love your home even during this time of hopeful anticipation.