Sunday, March 24, 2013

My New Love

Red transferware.  I do love it. 

This is my birthday tea set. Now I just want more and more and more. 

I used to collect blue, which is so British and traditional, and very elegant.
I love brown transferware, too.  It is so "Hunt Country" and manly, yet feminine too.
But the red... there's just something about it. For one thing, it looks so right in my home.
For another, it has a romantic quality to it. For a third, my friend Melissa has a huge collection of it that she inherited from her mother, and I have admired it for decades. For a fourth, it works beautifully for Christmas, Valentines, and Fall, not to mention those other holidays. Fifthly, with a bit of hunting, individual pieces can occasionally be found at antique stores,  thrift shops and T.J. Maxx.  And lastly, it looks like French toile...and I do so love a touch of French beauty.  So why not start my own collection?

So now I have dreams of this:

Graceful soup tureen. 

And this with much charm and loveliness in one place. 

And this beautiful table setting that looks like it could fit right in my house. 

And the ultimate: a hutch full of this beautiful bone china.
You can find out more about this woman's collection here: Nancy's Daily Dish
(PS. I found the other pictures on Pinterest, without photo credits.)

Mother's Day is coming, hint, hint.


  1. Lovely! I'd like a set in cobalt blue...

  2. Gorgeous! I'm going to start keeping my eye out for you while I'm thrifting :)

  3. The Secret Garden is crying out for a fairy garden ... maybe around the tree