Saturday, April 20, 2013

Master Bathroom --Before and After (and a peek outside)

This is the master bathroom AFTER. The tub is a wonderful vintage clawfoot, but I have no idea how old it is. It came with the house. The sink is a nice Kohler reproduction. The beadboard is all new, with nice square moldings on the top edge, the baseboards and the ceiling.
The yellow stand at the side of the sink is a recycle, painted by yours truly. The painting above it is of a whale in Maui, painted by a friend of mine. 
 AFTER: This is a peek into the powder room, and I apologize for leaving the lid up. To the right of the green towel is the shower.

AFTER: This gives a better view of both the powder room and the shower area. It's a nice large bathroom, with lots of maneuver space.
BEFORE: This is how it looked when we bought the house. Bare basics, stripped down and raw. 

 BEFORE: This closet had wobbly doors, which we removed. We decided to leave it as open storage--easy to access, and very nice when you don't have a vanity cabinet. 

AFTER: Now it looks like this. Much more personality, but still farmhouse simple. 

AFTER: Blinds on the windows allow natural light to flood the room.

AFTER: Here you can see the new storage area with the door trim redone to look like it was meant to be this way.


And now, let us step outside to catch some more tulips before they are gone. 

Our well looks so country gorgeous. 

Tulips are so happy. Straight, tall, optimistic. 

Beyond, you can see our junky Coke machine by the barn. It's also in bloom. 

I love spring. Every day brings something new to see.

By the front walkway, the daffodils have had their turn and  are on their way out...but they are still beautiful. Hope your Spring is as lovely as mine. 
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  1. Your home is so beautiful. The bathroom looks like a lovely place to take a nice, hot soak and read a good book!

  2. You have a true gift for homemaking, Karen! I love what you've done, inside and out, on your ranch! Hugs from Karen (West).

  3. Look at those blooms!!! You know, Will is still telling everyone that you have a "reallllllll welllllll" :) The bathroom is just stunning! Coffee date soon???