Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Boy's Adventure

Aidan is dressed for a hike. 

He walks through the deep woods where there are no trails and only the animals tread.

The water gets deep and Aidan has to roll up his pants legs. 

He would probably camouflage nicely if not for the red boots. Very Christopher Robin. 

Papa emerges and finds the boardwalk to the lake. 
Once there, Aidan empties the water from his right boot. 

And then the left. Leaky boots. 

He shakes them out good. 

Then he sticks his feet in the water...

Just enough to see it is too cold. 

But it's inviting nonetheless. 
 Cody is wondering what Aidan is doing. 

Aidan launches himself into the water. 

He propels himself forward. 

He goes one way...

...then circles and goes the other way. 

Happy in his own little adventure. 

Papa and Cody enjoy the show as Aidan rows into dock. 

He drags the boat out of the water. 

And he finds a new distraction. 

Playing with Cody. These are the dog days of Spring.

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