Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Morning Walk Along the Road

The deer hollow...they sneak in and out here. 

The deer and their fawns also live inside this tree with the low branches.

Out the driveway in the early morning light. 

Others are up early too. 

The marsh is full of so many different plants and animals. 

The water is their sustenance. 

They seem to be able to flourish anywhere.

Lovely water plants.

Little white flowers. 

The beautiful Back Bay. 

Rimmed by tall evergreen trees.

The sun rising in the east on this cloudy summer day. 

Kayakers out early, too. 

And up in the trees, more dragonflies. 

They love the tip of branches. 

The long road is full of questions: what is this?  why do they live here? when do they come and go? 

A red banner of leaves. 

A white carpet. 

Back home again, before the world is awake. 

The long shadows of the morning invite the day.  
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  1. Thank you for inviting us to visit your beautiful ranch. I always love your photos!

  2. your photos are beautiful. I loved your ranch its amazing.