Tuesday, October 8, 2013

End of Summer Highlights

Cantaloupe growing up the trellis in the Coke planter.

Rust somehow makes things on the farm look better.

Cantaloupe baby.

Bumper crop of basil.  Pesto all winter long!

Finches swinging in the shade of the porch.

A pale green luna moth with its fragile beauty. It eats, lays eggs, then dies.

Mrs. Cardinal eating a seed.

Mr. Sneaky Squirrel running away from our dog.

A gorgeous neon lit sunset.

From my garden.

Ever blooming strawberries.

One for the birds, one for me...super sweet.

Summer ivy crawling up the porch.

The ones I hadn't picked yet.

A new one, just ready to burst forth.

Pink coneflowers--a summer staple.

Porches are a staple too. Nothing like early evening on a summer porch.

Fall is here now, and the landscape is changing once again. Those pictures will be coming soon.
One season at a time...

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