Saturday, April 11, 2015

Springtime At Last

It felt like the longest iciest coldest Winter.
 I am so grateful we are getting the signs of Spring.
 It has so inspired me, I am going to start blogging again after a very long break.
 Nothing says Spring like tulips.
Growing up in California, we never saw them. So this is one of the joys of living in Virginia.
These two pots are the only tulips I planted. I am not sure why I didn't do more. I do not remember. 
But next year, I am going to plant thousands of them. Yup, thousands (or hundreds) They give me such joy in the Spring that I am going to multiply the thrill and plant till my hands are raw! 
You heard it here first. 

From the tulips and pansies in pots on my walkway... this little lone survivor who has been hiding in this pot for many years... these little dancers here.
 I did not plant them in the Fall, so they are all that's leftover from another planting.
 I gave up on them in the Fall because I could see that the deer or some hungry critter
 had uncovered them. 
But it is hard to hold Mother Nature back.

The red tulips all have different centers. As you can see, these are black...

...and these are yellow. And the ones in the porch planters are black and yellow. 

This is a shady sitting place in the heat of summer. Right now it looks a bit forsaken. 
But those cheerful tulips bring the happiness with them.  

And here are some more by the Bluebird House. 
I am absolutely vowing to plant thousands (hundreds) of these in the Fall. 

Image result for bluebird

And on the subject of bluebird houses,  do you know bluebirds have very exacting requirements for their homes? They have to be 4 feet off the ground, this small, with this size opening, facing south, with nothing else near them in the middle of a very large field. We attached this little box to a larger one for more visual impact, cuz that little box gets lost in this big field. 
 Our mama bluebird faithfully drops her eggs in here every summer, then watches from the telephone wire all day long to make sure no trouble comes to them. Her babies have managed to hatch every summer without mishap, which cannot be said for the Carolina Wren house that a snake invaded.  Sad story. 
But I digress.  

The tulips aren't all that is happening. The grass is full of these violets. I know it wouldn't work in the manicured suburbs, but here, I would be happy if my entire lawn were made of these little wonders. 

And there are yellow polka dots of dandelions everywhere and I accept that. 
It's just best to live with them in peace, otherwise chemicals. 
And we don't want chemicals cuz we have all kinds of bare feet on this grass. 
And after all, we are in the country and this is God's grass .   

I have planted my kitchen herb box with cilantro, basil, and rosemary. The abundant parsley is left over from last fall and survived the winter without a hitch. Thought it was in the frig, I guess. 
Go figure!

Two tomatoes. Fingers crossed for better success than last year. :(

My greenhouse plants always do well. No insects or deer to plague them. I have planted lettuce, kale, brussels sprouts, and more basil (can't get too much of that stuff).

These tulips are in the shade, so slower to bloom, and that is fine with me. It just stretches the happiness a couple more weeks. 

Oh, and the willow. By summer, this glorious tree will be so full, we cannot see through it. 
I love watching each little leaf bud come back after the dreaded Winter. 
This is the most delightful shady spot for a summer dinner. 
My patio table is hidden under the green curtain of leaves. 
 The string lights will go up soon. 

And a new Pottery Barn pillow for my porch.  Dragonfly Ranch comes back to life. 

The handmade sign was a gift from my friend Crystal last Fall, 
with the date of our 1890's ranch house at the bottom.
I love it. 
 She is talented that way... and generous too. 
Oh how I love it. 
And her. 

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  1. You have such a green thumb...actually, you have talent for nurturing all kinds of things, including hospitality and decorating.
    I didn't know anything about bluebirds until I read what you wrote. That is such a lovely color. Do they really look that blue? So different from a BlueJay.
    Have you ever been to Washington's Skagit Valley during tulip season? If not, you might like to do a search online. It looks like the photos of Holland - truly - and they are blooming now.