Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beach Time

 Sunrise this morning from the bedroom window at 5:50 am. 
This is one of the premier wonders of living on the East Coast. 
We get to see the golden orb rising up out of the Atlantic.
 A picture cannot capture the glory and inspiration of this moment.

We have been here for two weeks. Since we are close to home,  family and friends keep coming and going. Daisy is the only one who is here with me all the time!

We've been playing in the wading pool. 
Daisy's bowls and cups were in great demand from all the other little swimmers and she is learning about "sharing". 

 Daisy also had a proprietary feeling about this turtle, stating "no, no, no, no, no" to anyone who dared to get near it. I feel just that way about my spot on the beach. 

We played here every day with our friends and family. We frequently stayed all day except for nap time. 

Nana's favorite pastime is shell hunting. Daisy is catching the vision.  

We also found some beautiful sand mermaids with sea weed hair. Love those beach artists.

Daisy loves the beach and her play pool and her sand toys. Everything she needs in one place, including Papa and his big foot.  

We've had many lovely days together and a few more to go.  
Snuggle Time and Good Night everyone. 


  1. Oh, I so want grandchildren and the beach!

  2. That looks like a bit of heaven! So happy that you have the opportunity to be there for while with your precious friends and family. XO